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Date posted: 3 weeks ago

Product Description

GMI chain link fencing are also called diamond mesh fences or cyclone fences because it is formed by twisting wires together to form a flattened spiral shape. We follow continuous wire spiral twisting around the blades and winds and it is cut when it reaches the far end of the fence. The next cycle is again creating by pressing the spiral flat and entire fence is moved up. The end of every spiral is overlapped by second spiral cycle. We use machine to clamp the both ends and add few twists to make the joint permanent. We also use improved weaving machine to bind two wires at once which is called double helix. This technology makes the process of fencing faster, secure and saves time for installing..

Contact Details:

Mr. Parimal Ghosh


Jurf Industrial Area 2, Ajman, UAE. Near Ajman Old Car Market. Post box nos: 23643

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